The Cars

Probably no other event attracts the eclectic mix of iconic cars you'll see on the Three Castles. Whether it's a VW Beetle or a Ferrari (we see the latter more frequently, but we've had the former too!) it's more than welcome just as long as it's in period.

Simply, any classic car of a make and model made before 31st December 1985 is now eligible for Three Castles events - no special modifications are needed, though for ease in following the roadbook and particularly in doing regularity sections we do strongly recommend fitting a simple trip meter, such as an entry-level Brantz 2 or Brantz Retrotrip. These start from around £150. You can also fit the authentic period equipment, for a price (a second hand 1960s Halda Twinmaster may cost £1,000 or more, if you can find one) and you can download an interesting article published in and © Octane magazine on this subject here.

Each crew competes with others of similar experience and each car competes in its appropriate age category and class. All pre-1952 cars compete in their own trial, the Heritage Trial. All more recent cars compete in the Classic Trial. The two run as separate events over the same route.

Roads are smooth and we do not use unsurfaced test venues. If your car is an older or more precious model, and was made before 1952, or predates the advent of disc brakes, you should enter the Heritage Trial. Some later car may also be suitable, spot please ask if you're not sure. Also a competitive event, and running alongside the Classic Trial on the same dates, it is tailored to these cars and provides a less "full on" experience whilst still visiting the same venues and travelling the same route. Accommodation is unchanged. The Heritage Trial has a more relaxed feel. The whole experience will be appropriate to and is designed specifically for cars of the 1920s to early 1950s and their owners.

Whether you choose the Classic Trial or the Heritage Trial, the entry fee is the same. It includes club membership. If this will be your first rally don't worry; we'll help you with advice all the way. To begin with, you can use the link here to download our FAQ sheet: even if you aren't a beginner, some of the FAQ questions and answers may be of interest to you. After you've digested those, by all means email or call for more advice. Just go to Contact Us in the main menu and take it from there.