The Entry: Three Castles Trial 2018

As is our practice this list only reflects fully paid and accepted entries.

On April 30th the 2018 Three Castles Trial entry closed at seventy-two crews.

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Driver Navigator Car Year Event
Derek Reynolds Sean Reynolds MGC GT 1968 CT
Nigel Perkins Andrew Duerden Porsche 911 1981 CT
Branko Brkovitch Richard Lambley Volvo Amazon 122 1969 CT
Graham Walker Sean Toohey Lotus Elan Sprint 1972 CT
Jos de Nijs Nadine Decoster Triumph TR 250 1968 CT
Raoul San Giorgi Thorsten Hoppe Alfa Romeo 6C 1750 Gran Sport 1931 HT
Terry Cooper Rob Cooper Hillman Imp 1966 CT
Bernd Freiling Reto Hosig Salmson S4C 1933 HT
Lesley Denekamp Johan Denekamp BMW 2002 Tii Alpina 1973 CT
Klaus Mohr Hildegard Mohr Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Veloce 1958 CT
Derek Skinner Susan Skinner Ford Cortina GT 1965 CT
Doug Carmichael David Alexander MGB TBA CT
Louise Lumley Robert Lumley Volvo Amazon 131 1967 CT
Jim Hacking Jonny Holt BMW 323i Baur E21 1983 CT
John Criswell Robin Whiteside Austin Healey 3000 MK III 1964 CT
Nigel Griffiths Andrew Brookes Austin Mini 1968 CT
Tony Covill Piers Covill Rolls Royce Silver Shadow II 1977 CT
Julia Bricknell Roger Bricknell MGB GT 1968 CT
Pete Johnson Jo Johnson BMW 325i  1986 CT
Allan Rogers Gareth Rogers Porsche 911S 1974 CT
Pete Dalton Rob Faulkner Ford Lotus Cortina MK II 1970 CT
Steve Farmer John Gearing MGB GT V8 1977 CT 
Gerry Simpson Joy Hewson Austin Mini Cooper 1964 CT
Mark Shipman Mike Tarr Aston Martin DB5 1964 CT
Dr Adam Davis Rupert Barker MGA 1958 CT
Andrew Scott Drummond Shaw Mercedes-Benz 280SL 1967 CT
William Pelly Rupert Pelly Porsche 911SC 1981 CT
Malcolm Davies Martin Davies Alvis Speed 20 C&E Tourer 1934 HT
Theo Wison John Wilson Porsche 912 1967 CT
Phil Garratt Dr. Kieron Brown Triumph Stag 1977 CT
Nigel Lax Mark Cordery Mercedes-Benz 450 SLC 1980 CT
John Evans Peter Jerram Morgan Plus 8 1970 CT
Keith Boucher Linda Boucher Lancia Fulvia 1.3 S2 1972 CT
Adrian Evans Jacqui Evans Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT 1965 CT
Andrew Taylor Paul Hardy Austin Healey 3000 BJ7 1962 CT
George Haxby Mike Rands Ford Escort Mexico 1971 CT
David Roberts Melanie Jansen-Roberts Porsche 911 Carrera 1974 CT
Dr Alberto Ammassari David Kirkham/Manfredi Salvini Jaguar MK II 3.4 S 1964 CT
Bronwyn Burrell Suzanne Barker Austin Maxi 1969 CT
Ulf Kållåker Henrik Kållåker Jaguar Mk II 3.4 1964 CT
Myles Woodward Jon Martin Triumph TR4 1965 CT
David Brown Wendy Brown BMW 2002 Tii 1973 CT
Richard Boughton Sue Boughton BMW 2002 Tii 1972 CT
Peter Bowring Sean Kavanagh Daimler Dart SP250 1962 CT
Kaare Krane Elisabeth Ninaus Chevrolet Corvette Stingray 1970 CT
Karen Blouin Scott Blouin BMW 318i 1990 CT
Andrew Rimmington George Mackintosh Morgan Plus 8 1970 CT
James McAllister Deborah McAllister Lancia Fulvia 1971 CT
Duncan Wild Steve Skepper Triumph TR4 1963 CT
Nigel Jenkins Joanne Jenkins Austin Healey 3000 Mk III 1964 CT
Tony Clark Brian Neill Volvo PV 544 1959 CT
David Lillywhite TBA MG B TBA CT
Christopher Dixon Jonathan Dixon Austin Healey 100/4 1955 CT
Pat Coram Peter Bartholomew Austin Healey 100/4 1953 CT
John Durden Kim Durden Triumph TR6 1973 CT
Dermot Carnegie Paul Bosdet Ford Escort 1974 CT
Nigel Abbott Ian Ocego MG B 1972 CT
Serge Chabbey Suzanne Chabbey MG BGT 1970 CT
Rod Hanson Clare Grove Ford Escort Ghia  1979 CT
Anthony Vaughan Edward Vaughan Austin Healey 3000 Mk III 1967 CT
Hubert Lynch Diane Lynch Morris Mini Cooper S 1969 CT
Jon Goodwin Martin Hine Jaguar E Type 1963 CT
Richard Leng Peter McHaffie Jaguar E Type 1967 CT
Robin Jones Callum Jones Jaguar XK150S DHC 1960 CT
Stuart Chappell Colin Newbold MG BGT 1972 CT
Roy Perkins Andrew Fish Porsche 944 1985 CT
Peter Keel Les McGuffog Triumph Dolomite Sprint 1977 CT
Keith Wickham Audrey Wickham Bentley Le Mans Speed 8 1932 HT
Ken Matthews Sion Matthews Sunbeam Alpine  1960 CT
Lee Matthews Yvonne Matthews Ford Consul Capri GT 1963 CT


Entries News

Entries opened in mid October for the Three Castles Trial, with seventy now accepted.

As expected the earliest entries were all from returning crews, headed this time by Derek Reynolds and son Sean in their newly acquired MGC GT, who just pipped Nigel Perkins and Andrew Duerden when entries opened on October 19th. Six time competitor Branko Brkovitch brings his newly acquired car, a Volvo Amazon well prepared by Kevin Savage, with Nick Bloxham navigating. Chris Lines is back, this time in his Sunbeam Tiger with Rob Bloom navigating. Previous winners came next, in the shape of Chester based Graham Walker and Sean Toohey, in Graham's rapid Lotus Elan Sprint.

Next we welcomed two crews from Belgium. Jos de Nijs and Nadine Decoster are coming in their Triumph TR250, and for a third time Raoul San Giorgi enters his beautifully patinated 1931 Alfa Romeo 1750 GS in the Heritage Trial, this year with Thorsten Hoppe alongside him. Terry Cooper and brother Rob enjoyed the Trophy last year so are stepping up this time in their Hillman Imp, while from Switzerland, Bernd Freiling brings the rarest car entered so far, a 1933 Salmson S4C roadster navigated by Reto Hosig. (That's an appropriate model name for Wales).

Johan and Lesley Denekamp from London are bringing a BMW 2002Tii on what will be their second Trial, while Stephen and Marilyn Lee complete the first trio of Heritage Trial entries in their 1930 Talbot 90 Brooklands Replica. Our first german entrants this year are Klaus and Hildegard Mohr, whose their trip to Wales this will be, in possibly a new car. Derek & Susan Skinner were next, and we think they'll bring their 1963 Porsche 356B. Another old friend of the event, Doug Carmichael, joins them, also not sure of which car he'll bring as yet, or with whom.

First in of the new entrants were Robert and Louise Lumley, in their Volvo 131 Amazon. They were soon joined by Jim Hacking and Jonny Holt in Jim's 1983 BMW 323i convertible at one end of the event's age range, just before new entrants Adrian and Fiona Barwick entered their newly acquired 1927 Bentley 3/ 4.5 litre at the other, on the Heritage Trial.

Friday November 3rd was a bumper day for entries, with six received in one day. They were headed by John Criswell and Robin Whiteside, who will be back in their 1964 Healey 3000 if the rebuild is completed in time. Next came a credit w ned to the event, Nigel Griffiths and Andrew Brookes in a 1970 MGB GT. Tony Covill will have son Piers alongside the year in the family's famous 1977 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow, which must have been everywhere by now! Julia and Roger Bricknell join us again from Cornwall in their 1968 MGB GT, while Pete and Jo Johnson have a car to find to go with their entry. It was very good, too to hear from Allan Rogers, who last did a Three Castles in 2009 but rejoins us for a fifth event this year with his newly acquired 1974 Porsche 911S and son Gareth navigating.

In the next wave came two crews often well placed on previous runnings, who may be expected to go well. Pete Dalton and Rob Faulkner bring Pete's tried and trusted 1970 Ford Lotus Cortina Mk II, while Steve Farmer and John Gearing are playing their cards close to the chest for mow on the car front. Gerry Simpson is back with Joy Hewson in his  1964 Mini Cooper 1275. New entrants Dr Adam Davis and Rupert Barker join us in a 1958 MGA. Andrew Scott returns with Drummond Shaw, probably in Andrew's 1967 Mercedes 280SL, while Mark Shipman is another to join is for a second time, with Mike Tarr, but has yet to confirm in what car.

William Pelly brings his Porsche 911 SC, navigator yet to be decided, while Malcolm and Martin Davies again join the Heritage Trial with their fine Alvis and Theo and John Wilson return in their Porsche 912. Phil Garratt and Dr. Kieron Brown return too, in their 1977 Triumph Stag, which scored a sixth place finish in 2016. Nigel Lax and Mark Cordery are back, too, in their 1980 Mercedes 450 SLC. John Evans returns in his Morgan Plus 8, accompanied this year by first time entrant Peter Jerram. First time entrants Keith and Linda Boucher join them, most probably in their 1972 Lancia Fulvia. Adrian Evans and wife Jacqui join brother John for the first time, in their 1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT, while Andrew Taylor returns in his red 1962 Austin Healey 3000, navigated this year by Paul Hardy.

George Haxby and Mike Rands are in their Mexico, with George driving this year. David Roberts and Melanie Jansen-Roberts will bring their 1974 Porsche 911 Carrera. From the USA, Alberto Ammassari and Mackenzie Stubbins will most likely bring over their 1964 Jaguar Mk 2 S 3.4, while from closer to home Geoff and Keitha Insley will bring their familiar 1974 MGB V8. Bronwyn Burrell brings Puff the Magic Wagon, alias the very same and (in a good way) well travelled 1969 Austin Maxi in which she entered the London-Lisbon World Cup Rally in 1970. From Sweden Ulf and Henrik Kållåker will also bring a 1964 3.4 Jaguar Mk2 - it'll be Ulf's fourth Three Castles and Henrik's first, and many will remember Ulf's beautifully presented and ultra-rare 1957 BMW 502 on those earlier events. A feast of 60s and 70s classics. 

Richard and Susan Boughton, with their red 1972 BMW 2002Tii, have David & Wendy Brown with their orange 1973 BMW 2002 Tii for close company, while the latter's fellow new entrants Miles Woodward and John Martin will bring a 1965 Triumph TR4. From Norway, Kaare Krane will join us, in another of his wonderful Chevrolet Corvette. Over in New Hampshire, meanwhile, Scott and Karen Blouin are entering what will be their second ever rally and their first overseas adventure.

With these two, we reached 50 accepted entries, a number that soon grew when Andrew Rimmington decided to join fellow Morgan man John Evans with his Morgan Plus 8, also a 1970 car. James and Debbie McAllister also joined us again in their striking white Lancia Fulvia HF and the next entry came from Duncan Wild in his 1963 Triumph TR4, with Steve Skepper. Duncan and Steve have supported many previous events as marshasl and it's great to have them join the entry.

As the entry moved into the high fifties we welcomed more returning crews and two new ones. Nigel and Jo Jenkins return with their 1964 Austin Healey 3000 and Tony Clark will bring a 1959 Volvo PV 544 this time. Event supporter David Lillywhite from plans to be along in his MGB, while new entries Chris Dixon and Simon Ackers bring their red 1955 Austin Healey 100/4, which Chris terms a "rare UK original survivor". It was soon joined by another, entered by a driver from much further away - Pat Coram and Peter Bartholomew are coming all the way from Australia to run their black and red 1953 example of the trusty BN 1. 

The next entry came from event first time entrants John and Kim Durden in their 1973 Triumph TR6 and they were followed by old friends of the event Dermot Carnegie and Paul Bosdet, the victorious crew on last year's Three Castles Trophy. After them came two early 70's MGBs - the first from returning crew Nigel Abbot and Ian Ocego, the second from a Swiss crew new to the event, Serge and Suzanne Chabbey, who we look forward to welcoming to Wales. 

Five returning crews came next, headed by Rod Hanson and Clare Grove (1979 Ford Escort) and Anthony & Edward Vaughan (1967 Austin Healey 3000). They were joined by more old friends, Hubert and Diane Lynch in their 1969 Mini Cooper S, and Jon Goodwin and Martin Hine in Jon's beautiful red 1963 Jaguar E Type. And no sooner did we see one E Type, than a second appeared from another old friend, Richard Leng, returning after a few years away in his silver 1967 car. That Jaguar theme continued, too, with Robin and Callum Jones joining us next in their rare 1960 XK150S DHC.  Most recently, new entrants Stuart Chappell and Colin Newbold have joined us in their 1972 MG BGT.

The entry reached seventy crews in style with the last minute arrivals of Peter Keel and Les McGuffog's mint 1977 Dolomite Sprint and Keith and Audrey Wickham, and their 1932 Bentley Le Mans Speed 8. Finally, we welcomed the Matthews family in the shape of Ken and Sion in Ken's 1960 Sunbeam Rapier, and Lee and Yvonne in their very rare 1963 Ford Consul Capri GT. Welcome, old friends and new. We'll try to give you a great time, as always.