The Entry: Three Castles Trial 2019

As is our practice this list only reflects fully paid and accepted entries. The 2019 entry list is now closed.




Scroll down to see the latest entries news.  On 7th May 2019 the entry list comprised the following ninety-one crews:

Driver Navigator Car Year Category
Richard Dresner Colin Mackenzie Talbot AV 105 1934 Heritage
Charles Bromage Jacqumine Bromage Jaguar SS100 1936 Heritage
Nigel Perkins Andrew Duerden VW Golf GTi 1985 Classic
Paul Crosby Pete Johnson Porsche 911 1970 Classic
Derek Reynolds Paul Dumont Porsche 944 1985 Classic
Andrew Scott Drummond Shaw Mercedes Benz 280SL 1967 Classic
Anthony Cohen Julia Cohen Triumph TR5 1968 Classic
Duncan Hopkinson Kay Hopkinson MGC GT 1969 Classic
Stephen Owens Collette Owens Jaguar SS100 1937 Heritage
Gerald Westcott Carol Westcott MGB GT V8 1974 Classic
Jeremy Helsby Tom Barry Austin Healey 3000 1965 Classic
Chris Lines Chris Howells Ford Lotus Cortina 1964 Classic
Jonathan Money Phil Feast Porsche 911 1968 Classic
Julia Bricknell Roger Bricknell VW Golf GTi 1987 Classic
Phil Garratt Dr. Kieron Brown Triumph Stag 1977 Classic
Chris Dixon Jon Dixon Austin Healey 100/4 1955 Classic
Steve Farmer John Gearing MGB GT V8  1977 Classic
Jeff Hooley Ian Hooley Austin Healey 100/4 1954 Classic
Peter Trotter Celia Djivanovich Mercedes Benz 230SL 1965 Classic
Terry Powell Janet Powell MG BGT 1969 Classic
Keith Boucher Linda Boucher Lancia Fulvia  1972 Classic
Duncan Wild Steve Skepper Triumph TR4 1963 Classic
Doug Carmichael David Alexander MGB GT V8 1974 Classic
John Jackson Victor Ramsay Maserati Mexico 1968 Classic
Karen Blouin Scott Blouin BMW 318i 1990 Classic
Malcolm Rimington Nik Rimington Alfa Romeo Giulia 1600Ti 1964 Classic
Mike Baker Simon Baker Porsche 911SC 1978 Classic
Dr Anthony Strelzow Lee-Ann Strelzow Derby Bentley Park Ward 1936 Heritage
Malcolm Dunderdale Anita Wickins Renault R8 Gordini 1968 Classic
Theo Wilson Dr John Wilson Porsche 912 1967 Classic
Dermot Carnegie Paul Bosdet Ford Escort RS2000 1970 Classic
Graham Richardson Mike Rands Ford Escort Mk 1 1974 Classic
Graham Walker Sean Toohey Lotus Elan 1962 Classic
Dr John Criswell Robin Whiteside Austin Healey 3000 MkIII 1964 Classic
David Roberts Melanie Roberts Porsche 911 Carrera 1974 Classic
Andrew Taylor Janet Low Alfa Romeo Spider 2000 1975 Classic
Jim Hacking Sean Ohuadhaigh BMW 323i Baur Targa 1983 Classic
Louise Lumley Robert Lumley Jaguar E Type V12 1973 Classic
Bronwyn Burrell Suzanne Barker Austin Maxi 1969 Classic
Rod Hanson Clare Grove Ford Escort Ghia 1979 Classic
Peter Fletcher Janet Fletcher Jaguar XK 120 DHC 1954 Heritage
Eric de Backker Laurence Pirard Triumph TR3A 1958 Classic
Albert Jaamann Peter Verbrugge Triumph TR2 1954 Classic
Dr. Adam Davis Rupert Barker MGB 1968 Classic
Paul Gregory Dr. Kate Gregory Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 Touring 1933 Heritage
Richard Boughton Sue Boughton BMW 2002 Til 1972 Classic
Audas Vipas Brian Redfern Alfa Romeo Giulia 1600 Rallye 1973 Classic
Neil Sjoberg Gaye Sjoberg Triumph Vitesse Mk II 1967 Classic
Zach Miles Carole Bodell Lagonda M45 T8 Tourer 1934 Heritage
Andrew Taylor Stephen White Triumph TR5 1968 Classic
Jonathan Ashman Andy Milns Mercedes Benz 280CE 1979 Classic
Anthony Darwent Dr. Nicola Darwent Austin Healey 100/4 1954 Classic
David Hankin Peter Rushforth MGB 1965 Classic
Raoul San Giorgi Dr Chiara San Giorgi Siata Daina GS Berlinetta 1952 Heritage
Adam Moran Beryl Moran Lotus Elite Series 2 1961 Classic
Chris Pearson Rob Faulkner Volvo Amazon 122S 1966 Classic
Adrian Jones Paul Howells Alfa Romeo GTV 1983 Classic
Gavin Webster Andy Chun Jaguar MK II 3.4 1965 Classic
Debby Goodband Dave Davies Peugeot 205 GTi 1.6 1991 Classic
Peter Upton Clemency Upton MGB GT 1978 Classic
Hubert Lynch Diane Lynch Morris Mini Cooper S 1969 Classic
Rich Harrison Roger Hopkins MGB GT 1975 Classic
Ien Evens Peter Williams VW Golf GTi 1983 Classic
Michael Moss James Ewing Fiat 2300S Abarth 1965 Classic
Jamie Lewis Caroline Lewis Triumph TR5 1968 Classic
Martin Neal Richard Dix Ford Escort Mexico 1972 Classic
Geoff Insley Meg Birch MGB GT V8 1973 Classic
Tony Covill Bella Covill Rolls Royce Silver Shadow II 1977 Classic
Jack Brien Simon Brien MG Midget Atlantis 1973 Classic
Lindsay Dawson Nick Dawson Datsun 260Z 1975 Classic
Peter Hall Mary Hall Austin Healey 3000 Mk II 1965 Classic
Arthur Jones Richard Bestwick MGB GT 1980 Classic
Mickey Gabbett Ian McCulloch Alvis 12/60 TK Beetleback 1931 Heritage
Andrew Cooper Jill Cooper MGB GT 1967 Classic
Marcus Atkinson William Atkinson Mini Cooper S 1971 Classic
Major Angus Forsyth Sue Dagley Austin 7 Ulster EA Sports 1930 Heritage
Peter Fitzcharles Debbie Fitzcharles Porsche 911 Carrera 3.0. 1977 Classic
Roy Perkins Andrew Fish Porsche 944 1985 Classic
Pat Bridgeman Tina Bridgeman Bentley Special Speed Eight 1950 Heritage
Alan Sayer David Holmes MGB GT V8 1974 Classic
Joel Wykeham David Brown BMW 2002 Tii 1973 Classic
Simon Dudfield Valerie Craddock Triumph TR5 1968 Classic
Peter Bowring Sean Kavanagh Daimler Dart SP250 1962 Classic
Steve Young Debbie Woollard Datsun 240Z 1972 Classic
Nicholas Seaton-Burridge Dennis Greenslade Volvo Amazon 123 GT 1967 Classic
Keith Graham Sue Hoffmann Mercedes-Benz 280SL 1969 Classic
Wanda Venn Kevin Brown MGB GT 1972 Classic
Roy Coley Nina Coley Mercedes Benz SL280 1985 Classic
David Ash Terri Lall Sunbeam Rapier Series V 1967 Classic
Paul Bloxidge Ian Canavan Porsche 911 Carrera 2.7 1974 Classic
Roy Stephenson Andy Lane Datsun 240Z 1971 Classic

Entries News

Entries opened on October 1st for the 2019 Three Castles Trial. So far this year the ninety entrants have been almost equally split three ways between crews returning after a break of a few years, new entrants, and those who really enjoyed the event in 2018. 

In the former category Richard Dresner and Colin Mackenzie will be hoping for better luck in their glorious Talbot AV105, the first of three Heritage entries to date. They are joined by new entrants Charles and Jacqumine Bromage in their Jaguar SS100 and returnee Stephen Owens, who has finally persuaded his wife Colette to sit in the hot seat of his SS100. 

Meanwhile on the Classic Trial, Nigel Perkins teams up with Andrew Duerden again, in a Porsche yet to be decided, while Derek Reynolds brings his newly acquired Porsche 944 but is not yet sure of who will navigate. A third Porsche is entered for returning 2015 winner Paul Crosby, teamed this time with Pete Johnson in his familiar and rapid green 911. It's not the only 911; new entrant from Cornwall Jonathan Money is bringing his newly acquired car too, with Phil Feast navigating. Also from Cornwall, Julia and Roger Bricknell return, this year in the family's much rallied 1983 VW Golf GTi.

A mix of returning and new crews begins with Anthony & Julia Cohen, who return after a few years away in their Triumph TR5, and are joined for the first time on a Three Castles Trial by fellow regularity rallying couples Duncan and Kay Hopkinson and Gerald and Carol Westcott, in MGC and MGB respectively. Andrew Scott enjoyed 2018 and returns with Drummond Shaw in his rapid Mercedes Benz 280SL, a first series car that was the fourth off the line in November 1967. They are joined by friends Jeremy Helsby and Tom Barry in the first Austin Healey 3000 to enter this year. Also Mercedes mounted are returning crew Peter Trotter and Celia Djivanovic in a 1965 230SL, which has replaced the E Type with which they tackled the 2016 event in often spectacular style.

Two Healey 100/4s add a touch of 50s style to the event in the hands of Chris and Jon Dixon (last year's Concours winner) and Jeff & Ian Hooley, whose flamboyantly driven example was last seen on the 2017 Three Castles Trophy. Meanwhile the 60s are represented by Chris Lines and Chris Howell in a lovely 1964 Lotus Cortina Mk 1.  The late 70s are represented by Steve Farmer and John Gearing's very quick MGB GT V8, only just off the podium last year and looking to improve. and Phil Garratt and Kieron Brown in their vivid blue Stag, which goes better than any Stag we've seen before and will surely be another entry to watch.

Two more past entrants to return are Terry and Janet Powell, with a 1969 MGB, and Keith and Linda Boucher, class winners in 2018 in their pretty Lancia Fulvia. Podium finishers in 2018, Duncan Wild and Steve Skepper join us again, this time in Duncan's newly acquired Triumph TR4. Doug Carmichael is back, with David Alexander in a B GT V8, one of several to be entered. It's very nice to welcome back John Jackson and Victor Ramsay too - many remember John's red Maserati 3500 and he now brings a hyper-rare 1968 Maserati Mexico. 

Our first USA entrants this year are Karen and Scott Blouin from Sioux Falls in their E30 BMW 318i, and they are joined by a new entry from Malcolm and Nik Rimington, in a familiar car it's nice to see again, the ex-Frank Fennell 1964 Alfa Romeo Giulia 1600 Ti. Mike and Simon Baker return in their rapid Porsche 911 . New entrants Anthony and Lee-Ann Strelzow are coming all the way from Vancouver, Canada to enjoy the Heritage category in a 1936 Derby Bentley 4¼ litre Park Park Ward drop head. Also a crew new to the event, Malcolm Dunderdale and Anita Wickins will enter a 1985 Mercedes 190E 2.3. 

John and Theo Wilson were the next 2018 crew to return, in their Porsche 912. 2018 winners Dermot Carnegie and Paul Bosdet joined us next in Dermot's Ford Escort. George Haxby and Mike Rands will be back with their Ford Escort Mexico Mk 1. Graham Walker and Sean Toohey will be hoping to go one better than their second place of 2018 and have entered a new car, a first series 1962 Lotus Elan. John Criswell and Robin Whiteside are always good to watch in the Austin Healey 3000, while David and Melanie Roberts bring their lovely 1974 Porsche 911 Carrera. Meanwhile Andrew Taylor and Janet Low have switched cars to a 1975 Alfa Romeo Spider 2000. Jim Hacking returns too with his rare 1983 BMW 323i Bauer Targa. Louise and Robert Lumley return with their Volvo Amazon 131. All these crews return after enjoying the 2018 event.

Meanwhile Bronwyn Burrell and Suzanne Barker are with us again in the famous Maxi, Puff. Rod Hanson and Clare Grove are back too, in their Ford Escort Ghia, while Peter and Janet Fletcher bring their 1954 Jaguar XK 120. Eric de Backker is returning from Belgium in his 1958 Triumph TR3A with Laurence Pirard, with friends Albert Jaamann and Peter Verbrugge in their 1954 Triumph TR2. And Dr Adam Davis and Rupert Barker return in their 1968 MGB. Soon we expect a small flurry of Heritage crews, led on October 31st by Paul Gregory, who this year returns in his 1933 Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 partnered by his wife, Dr Kate Gregory. Meanwhile, Richard and Sue Boughton are coming again in their BMW 2002 Tii while new entrants Audas Vipas and Brian Redfern are joining us in their Alfa Romeo Giulia 1600 Rallye, a 1973 car.

Neil and Gaye Sjoberg enter their 1967 Triumph Vitesse, a veteran of three Monte Carlo Historique rallies.  Zach Miles and Carole Bodell join the Heritage category in their 1934 Lagonda M45 T8 Tourer, and Andrew and Susan Taylor bring their 1968 Triumph TR5, an original UK car and one of 800 that still survive. Jonathan Ashman and Andy Milns will bring Jonathan's newly acquired 1979 Mercedes Benz 280CE. while Anthony Darwent and daughter Dr. Nicola Darwent, on her first ever rally in their 1954 Austin Healey 100/4, the third example entered. David Hankin enters his first rally with Peter Rushforth, in Peter's 1965 MGB. Raoul San Giorgi is accompanied by Chiara San Giorgi in an ultra rare and precious Siata Daina GS, in the Heritage category.

As we moved into mid November Adam Moran joined the list in his 1961 Series 2 Lotus Elite, navigated by his mother, Beryl. Continuing a great Three Castles tradition, it's his first ever rally. Chris Pearson returns after quite a few years, partnered by Rob Faulkner in his 1966 Volvo Amazon 122S. Adrian Jones has just acquired a 1983 Alfa Romeo GTV specially to be able to take part and has entered with fellow North Wales man Paul Howells. From Berkshire, we welcome new entrants Gavin Webster and Andy Chun in a 1965 Jaguar Mk II 3.4. Entrants from North Wales, Debby Goodband and Dave Davies don't have a car yet but do have an entry! Peter & Clemency Upton do too, in their 1978 MGB GT. So do Hubert & Diane Lynch in their 1969 Morris Mini Cooper S. Rich Harrison and Peter Boyce are entered too, in Rich's trusty MGB.

Peter Williams is coming, driven by Len Evans in his 1983 VW Golf GTi. Michael Moss and James Ewing are bringing Michael's rare 1965 Fiat Abarth 2300S. Louise and Robert Lumley will be joined by friends Jamie and Caroline Lewis in a 1968 Triumph TR5.  Martin Neal and Richard Dix are coming, in Martin's 1972 Escort Mexico. Geoff Insley and Meg Birch joined us next, in Geoff's 1973 MGB GT V8, closely followed by Tony and Bella Covill, the first ever TC entrants, in their 1977 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow II. From Northern Ireland, we next welcome Jack and Simon Brien with a very rare car - a 1973 MG Midget Atlantis - one of only 50 made, it's a period conversion with Ford crossflow running gear that should go well on the driving tests.

Next up came new entrants Lindsay and Nick Dawson in their 1975 Datsun 260Z, a rare sight on classic events these days and welcome for it. They were joined by Peter and Mary Hall in their 1965 Austin Healey 3000 Mk II and by Arthur Jones and Richard Bestwick, in Arthur's fine 1980 MGB GT.

At Christmas we welcomed Andy and Jill Cooper in their ex-Le Jog 1967 MGB GT, followed closely by Marcus and William Atkinson's Mini Cooper S, this a 1971 car, and Major Angus Forsyth and Sue Dagley in his 1930 Austin 7 Ulster. Fittingly the next crew to join them are returnees Peter and Debbie Fitzcharles, now bringing a 1977 Porsche Carrera 3.0 Targa. We do like a diverse entry, and surely you couldn't get two more different cars! Later in January that trend continued, with Roy Perkins and Andrew Fish in the 'white whale', Roy's 1985 944, closely followed by Pat & Tina Bridgeman's 1950 Bentley Special, this one a Racing Green recreation of the famous Speed Eight. This entry brings the Heritage category into double figures.

Alan Sayer and David Holmes will join us again in Alan's MGB GT V8, the third example to be entered this year. So too will returning 2016 entrants Joel Wykeham and David Brown, in their 1973 BMW 2002 Tii. Meanwhile another new entry has come from Simon Dudfield and Valerie Craddock in their 1968 Triumph TR5, and from Ireland Peter Bowring and Sean Kavanagh return in their lovely (and Three Castles concours prize-winning) 1962 Daimler Dart SP250. Two new entries next: Steve Young and Debbie Woollard bring a 1972 Datsun 240Z, a car rarely seen these days.  Meanwhile, a 1967 Volvo Amazon 123GT for Truro crew Nicholas Seaton-Burridge and Dennis Greenslade, a 1969 car, the Mercedes-Benz 280SL of Keith Graham and Sue Hoffmann, and Wanda Venn and Kevin Brown in their 1972 MGB GT, brought the entry to 90 cars.

Next in are a new crew Roy & Nina Coley, in a Mercedes 280SL. Their friends Terri and David Ash join them in a 1985 BMW 323i. And Aberdovey's Paul Bloxidge takes a break from marshalling this year to enter his Porsche 911 Carrera 2.7, with Ian Canavan navigating, while new entrant Roy Stephenson brings not only a Datsun 240Z but Le Jog winner Andy Lane to navigate.

Entires are now closed and we expect 91 crews to take the start in June.