What They Say - Recent Comments

"Thanks so much to you and your wonderful team! It was a fun and enjoyable experience. Will certainly recommend the event to everyone....Please stay in touch and once again pass on our sincere thanks and praise to all involve in the 2018 3 Castles.  Congratulations on a well-run event...”


Pat Coram and Peter Bartholomew, Australia (Classic, 2018)

"...(we) thoroughly enjoyed this year’s event. It was organised superbly, the routes were absolutely fabulous, the marshals and helpers were all incredibly helpful and friendly, the Brit Assist team were brilliant... and finally the weather could not have been better."


Andrew Scott and Drummond Shaw, England (Classic, 2018)

“What a great first ever rally to attend – I may not have anything to compare the Three Castles Trial to but I was certainly aware of the amazing attention to detail. What a fantastic course, and of course due to stunning weather we could truly enjoy it – well I could - Rob was concentrating on maps and clocks. An amazing team of wonderful marshals, organisers and entertainments sorters. Thank you all – I had an absolute ball.”


Louise and Robert Lumley, England (Classic, 2018)

"You can always see indirectly the time and thought that goes into an event, when it's well run... Great event - anyone could get around the route, making it accessible, but it also had the Master navigators on their toes and caught me out with minor things more than once”.

Andrew Fish, England (Classic, 2018)

“We had a great time at the Three Castles Trial last week! A perfect organization, helpful team and marshals, beautiful roads, scenery and venues, good atmosphere amongst the participants and … beautiful weather! Congratulations to you and the whole team!

Jos de Nijs and Nadine Decoster, Belgium (Classic, 2018)

"I would be most grateful if you would pass my thanks to the whole team for such a stupendous effort, and not forgetting special thanks to the team who sorted out all those amazing venues.  And who organized the sunshine????  Made glorious Wales come alive again.  Please, put us on the list for next year!”

Bronwyn Burrell & Suzanne Barker, England (Classic, 2018)